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YouTube channel dedicated to 40 years of APHES


The Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History turns 40 and the date is a good motive to assess the evolution of Economic and Social History and its prospects. For that purpose we have created a YouTube channel where you can find seven interviews with former presidents of the association reflecting on the evolution of the field (in Portuguese).

XL Meeting of APHES

Economic and Social History:
Past, Present and Future

Nova School of Business and Economics, Carcavelos Campus
New date: 9-10 July 2021

Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the COVID-19 epidemic crisis, the Organising Committee of the 40th Conference of APHES has decided to postpone the conference. The chosen new dates are 9 and 10 July 2021, and the venue and theme remain the same.



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The objective of the newsletter is to spread to the members of the association news about conferences, scientific events, calls for papers, calls for articles, job openings and publications in the field of economic and social history.

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APHES publishes news and events on the field of social and economic history in the following categories::

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APHES Awards

The Portuguese Association of Economic and Social History promotes the national and international projection of research carried out in Portugal, namely encouraging its members to publish and supporting young researchers.
The following awards and endorsements are currently in place:

  • Young Investigators Award
  • APHES Award
  • Support for Scientific Meetings

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